How the Tech Lobby Got Beat | US News

The push for a new law was fueled by cases of small businesses and tech innovators being drained of their limited budgets by “patent trolls” – entities using patents not to build or improve inventions, but to threaten people with infringement lawsuits to extort settlements as an alternative to expensive litigation.

Patent trolls sometimes use poorly defined or expired patents on consumer technology to extort out-of-court settlements from small businesses.

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Pelosi: ‘We never treated President Bush the way they treat President Obama’ | Washington Times

“Most people don’t even know there’s a midterm election – it’s not in their universe of things to look forward to.”

“And so much is at stake. So much is at stake in the election and I would hope, if I could put one word on the ballot, it would be bipartisanship.”

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Net neutrality’s hollow promise to startups | Computerworld

Established companies enjoy a host of advantages, ranging from name recognition to established revenue streams.

Prioritization can be the difference between an unknown startup languishing in obscurity and a better product ousting an incumbent — banning prioritization in the name of protecting startup innovation is simply disingenuous.

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